Joseph D. Marhee

I am a Boulder, CO-based technologist; I've spent some time with systems at DigitalOcean, SoftLayer, an IBM Company, but also spend time on a number of other projects that you can find via my profiles below.

I am a full-time systems goon, a part-time record collector, aspiring data scientist, semi-ironic proponent of many conspiracy theories.

I am also the sometimes-content-creator of Cloud Enabled, a booklet series that will cover various topics in operations and development.

PGP Key can be found here, or imported using:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0356E9F0

Read some of my blog posts, (my DMs are always open), or just burn down some of my code. Whatever.

Also, feel free to join the Cloud Enabled Slack community, where I can be found most days.

Yeah? Well, what have you done lately?

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